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A duplication of your X-Ray is an exact reproduction of one x-ray film to another. The copied films are viewed through a lightbox, like the original. TrialCopy can copy any
x-ray type, such as CT, MRI, mammogram or industrial.

Our range of services include:
Film to film duplicating,
Films scanned to CD
Printing films from CD
Blow-Ups and specialty presentation

Film To Film Duplicating

Film to Film Duplicating of X-Rays, CAT Scans, M.R.I’s, Sonograms, Mammos and most medical films.

(High Volume pricing is also available)

Only top-quality film is used and your copies are returned sleeved and clearly labeled.

Films Scanned to CD:

Your films can be scanned in DICOM (reader included) or in other formats such as PDF, TIF and JPEG. All our discs are labeled and properly indexed.

For medical, legal and insurance facilities, this is a great way to convert your film file and storage space into valuable work areas.

(High Volume pricing is also available)

Printing Film from CD:

As hospitals and medical facilities convert from film to digital format, it is becoming more and more difficult for patients to obtain their medical tests in film form. If you have a CD and would like to have the images converted to film form, this is the service for you.

Blow Ups and Specialty Presentations

We can take a film, or any part of a film, scan it at 300 dpi and blow it up. Mounting is available. This makes a great display without using a light box.

We can also take an image and blow it up to 14 x 17 size for use with a light box.

This remains in film form. We can isolate single cell or spot on an MRI, C.A.T Scan or XRay.

We can also turn X-Rays into slides for special presentations Just ask - if you can think it up, we can probably do it. Prices vary with size and complexity. in the South Florida Area

We offer pick-up and delivery of your medical films in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We use our own couriers to insure the safety of your valuable films. All out-of-area/state business is handled by Fed-Ex and has a 48 hour turn-around time.

Whether you use us for an important court case or for your personal medical records, we can assure you that has earned its reputation as the medical copy service leader by placing the needs of our customers first. We understand the importance of medical records copying and respect our customers by providing them with peace of mind and a wide variety of professional and cost-efficient medical copy services